Mad Over Donuts steps into Chennai

CEO of Mad Over Donuts, Tarak Bhattacharya with chefs

Chennai: A toothsome delicacy – round, airy and flavourful – with strikingly-delightful toppings on top, donuts have always pleased millions across the globe. With 60 outlets in four cities, Mad Over Donuts, one of biggest donut brands in India is all set to bring its tasty vibe to Chennai.

Speaking to News Today, CEO of Mad Over Donuts Tarak Bhattacharya said, “We have finalized five stores in the city including Marina Mall, Phoenix Market City and other prime locations.”

Sharing his comments on expanding here, Tarak said, “After ten years, we are setting foot in Chennai. It is such a vibrant city and people have always accepted new things. Hence, I am confident that this city will accept us wholeheartedly.” The donut brand has branches in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune and Bengaluru. They are aiming to venture to other cities soon.

Tarak also spoke about how the brand has grown since its inception in a span of ten years. He said, “We have been conducting trials for six months now to understand the market. The amount of response we received in social media about the new store in Chennai was overwhelming and that gave us confidence.” When asked on what makes Mad Over Donuts different from other F&B (Food & Beverage) brands, Tarak says, “The USP of our brand is seeing live. It’s literally love at first sight. We have a live kitchen where you can see how donuts are made.”

Mad Over Donuts

Mad Over Donut has a meticulous process of crafting donuts. The dough is carefully mixed for thirty minutes at different speeds. They are then folded into sheets which are later cut into specific shapes.

Then, they are put in a proofer, fried and topped with flavours. The brand opened its first outlet in Chennai in VR Mall, serving filter coffee as a special localized offering. Apart from donuts, the brand also serves bites, eclairs, waffles and beverages which are egg-less.

(The article is written by K R SADAKSHI)

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