Making it big with memory

Chennai: At a time when all parents are worried about their children getting addicted to mobile phones and tabloids, here is a responsible couple Arunkumar and Priya from Porur who took the situation on hands and chose the right path to their child. They well-used her hobby of reading books and colouring and turned it into a remarkable achievement.

Misha Arunkumar, a 3-year-old child in Kolapakkam has received the prestigious ‘Prodigious Memory Kid’ title from India Book of Records for identifying alphabets, numbers, colours, animals, vehicles, traffic signals, fruits, vegetables, flowers, musical instruments, Indian States and flags of many countries.

In an interview, News Today, “Misha’s parents told, ‘Our daughter started showing lots of interest in books when she was 7 months old. So we started introducing picture books and narrate stories before her bedtime. She grasped things quickly which made us introduce her to lots of books. ‘I attended a pregnancy class conducted by a well-known childbirth educator. I learned a lot of information on baby brain development and its techniques through her which I implemented on my child. I learned that every child has immense memory power which we can bring that out using lots of techniques such as encouraging Fine motor skills, gross motor skills, etc,’” says Misha’s mother Priya.

Arunkumar explains, “‘I used to interact a lot like singing songs, narrating stories and day to day activities to my baby when she was in my womb. Also, use to solve lots of Mathematical problems and do a lot of creative works like Art and craft. After her Birth, I introduced a lot of flashcards to her which helped her to grasp things quickly. ‘This is the first award she received. She was able to identify all the above-mentioned things when she was just two years old but we were unaware of the right platform to showcase her talent. Later when she joined school her school principal, Kavitha was impressed by her talent and guided us to apply for India Book of Records,’ her parents share with joy. ”

Explaining about the toughest part in the journey, Priya says, “‘I and my husband both are working so spending time with her was the most challenging part. But whenever we get the time, we made sure we spent quality time with our child. Apart from this, food and nutrition play a major role in the baby’s brain development. One magical food that no other food can replace its nutrients is mother’s breast milk. I am proud to say that I breastfed my child for two years.’”

Speaking about the future plan, they say, ‘”We will further make her identify any other specific interest and motivate her to achieve in that area. In recent days she started showing a lot of interest in Tamil. So, we have started teaching Thirukkural for her.”’ Shower your blessings to Misha by contacting her at 9176727641.


P T Usha