Velacheri police station gets AC waiting room

Chennai: The next time you visit Velacheri police station, you may have to pinch yourself to believe. From a single-storeyed facility which often got flooded during rains, J-7 police station at Gandhi Road today is a swanky place with state-of-the-art features.

When the badminton court was opened in March, the policemen here thought it could not get any better. However, recently, city Commissioner A K Viswanathan arrived here to open a host of new facilities.

Some of them include an air-conditioned (AC) waiting hall with 10 chairs which is a first for any station in Tamilnadu, a spacious resting room with beds, television set, cupboard and a toilet. This is apart from 738 CCTV cameras he inaugurated for Velacheri-Adyar district.

But the highlight was the resting rooms. Many said in a lighter vein that hereafter police personnel may not have to go back home in between shifts. Deputy Commissioner, of Adyar district, Pakalavan said, “Already we have resting rooms in all stations but not with so many facilities. They are required for policemen on duty to refresh themselves.”

When asked how often they can use the rooms, he said, “It is their wish to decide on the duration to rest based on duty and other things. This is going to be useful for those who work night shifts. The AC waiting room at Velacheri is an exclusive one as no other station has got it before. It will be useful for the public as they can wait comfortably till their turn comes.”

It is said a policeman will be available at the waiting room as it also is an information centre about the latest Apps from the police department.

The waiting hall has a number of posters with helpline numbers and other useful information for the public.
S Kumararaja, vice-president of Annai Indira Nagar Residents Welfare Association, said that such improved facilities will boost the morale and efficiency of police personnel.

Naomi N