Review: Kalidas – Royal salute

Cop stories always entertain masses. They feature the protagonist in khakhi uttering punchlines and take on baddies. Here comes Kalidas, a Bharath starrer. Unlike others, he is more brainy than brawny. Directed by Sri Senthil, the movie is filled with thrilling moments that makes it an interesting watch.

After a series of average shows, Bharath is back with a decent attempt. The hard work is visible in every frame and he manages to get his act right. He not just gets his body language but dialogue delivery too right.

Suresh Menon as his superior too chip in with his best. Credits to the director for coming up with a gripping screenplay that makes the movie an engaging watch. Ann Sheetal is excellent in her role.

Kalidas (Bharath) is a honest police officer. He along with his wife (Ann Sheetal) leads a happy life. A series of unusual deaths of women happen in his police limit. Initially it is suspected to be suicide. However his senior officer (Suresh Menon) suspects a foul play in the deaths.

He is sure that that these women were killed. There begins the drama. The filmmaker has packaged the movie with comedy, action and thrilling moments.

Vishal Chandrasekhar’s background score adds weight to the happenings. Bhuvan’s editing is a major strength. Sri Senthil keeps it crisp to ensure it is engrossing all through. A strong message conveyed without being preachy.