From YouTube to big screen

Remember Vadivelku’s most popular dialogue Money come today and go tomorrow Ya. It is the title of Asia’s largest crowd-funded film project, directed by debutant Karthi. The movie stars Gopi and Sudhakar of YouTube in lead roles.

Karthi, son of Sathish, a popular choreographer in Kannada and Malayalam, says, ”The whole movie deals with money and hence we wanted a title which would go well with the theme – the comic stream. That’s how we arrived at this popular dialogue of Vadivelu Sir. Everybody needs money, but how much, is the question that is raised here. Is money getting hold of you or is it vice-versa? That’s what the whole film is about.”

”I needed someone like Gopi and Sudhakar as the lead characters, who are always together; but it won’t be like YouTube movies”, he adds.

”It has a quirky subject and is a crowd-funded project. We started sourcing funds around last March and the response was amazing. The first day we got Rs 50 lakh and then Rs 1 crore! And it went on crazily! Today, we have collected Rs 6.3 crore, sourced from 28,000 people through Fundmelon. Along with the huge money comes a lot of responsibility and pressure”.

The movie will have two heroines besides some veterans in the cast.

NT Bureau