25-member team jumps into action in Velacheri to battle dengue

Chennai: A strong 25-member team from the Health and Sanitation department is doing a lot of work to prevent dengue in Velacheri. But, they expect more cooperation from the residents.

The team has been visiting houses, clearing articles which could be possible breeding ground for mosquitoes and spraying the place with medicines.

Sanitary Inspector Subramaniam said, “We have been doing it regularly. We remove used tyres, paint tubs, unused grinding stone, food containers, baskets, plastic items and so on. We also check if the flower pots have holes on them to let out water.”

After inspecting the houses, they are giving the residents instructions on how to avoid the spread of dengue fever and also to report such cases.

But the officers on field say the residents too must do their bit to help them. “In some places, people do not allow us into their house for an inspection.”

An official said that the residents can ask for their identity cards and make sure they are government staff.

“We carry ID cards and wear a blue uniform’, he said, adding that the locality is divided into 11 sectors and one staff is deputed for 80 houses. That staff will be coming every Monday to the same area, we will not send anyone else. This is done to ensure the residents familiarise with the satff.”

At times, he said, families have refused to let them do their job. “When we see an open well, we would ask if we could put the Mosquitofish (Gambusia affinis) and we have been denied permission. We also need to see inside the house like, sometime the fridge may be a source or even the air conditioner.”

Residents have been asked to inform them if any member of the family has fever as they need to check the water sample. “We will even refer them to government hospitals for tests and treatment.” He said that the dengue fever was in control in the locality.

Naomi N