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Even as the Tamilnadu police have launched a crackdown against porn sites, especially those which feature children, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has written to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and urged him to ban all ”porn sites and inappropriate content” available online.

Blaming porn sites for the rising incidents of sexual crime against women, Kumar, in his letter to Modi, expressed his ”pain and serious concern” over the increasing number of gangrape cases which have agitated the general public.

”It will be my request to take appropriate action to ban all porn sites and inappropriate content available on internet immediately after giving due consideration to the serious issue,” he wrote.

Kumar also wrote that people, especially children and youths, are watching porn, violent and inappropriate content on internet due to its unlimited reach to them. The incidents (of gang rape and crime against women) take place in some cases because of the impact of these sites, he added.

”People make videos of heinous acts (rape) against girls and women and get them uploaded on social media such as Whatsapp, Facebook etc. Such content, which seriously affect the minds of children and youths, have been found as factors responsible for crimes (against women),” he said.

Long-term use of such content negatively affect the mind of some people, which gives rise to social problems and increases the number of cases of crime against women, the Chief Minister said.

Talking about the laws meant to regulate inappropriate content, Kumar said that though certain provisions have been made in the Information Technology Act, 2000 (such as amendment in 2008), but they have not been proved effective to deal with the issue.

The Supreme Court has also given several guidelines to the government on the issue. It is time for the government to act tough on such in appropriate sites.

NT Bureau