Chennai gears up for Christmas celebrations

Chennai: With Xmas hardly three days away, residents of the neighbourhood are prepping up to rejoice the fete.
Several shops dotting Adambakkam, Pazhavanthangal and St Thomas Mount are glowing with lights of all kinds and are decked up with ornaments of all kinds.

A shopkeeper informs that he buys all the Christmas decorations for bulk from Parry’s Corner. Jingling bells, stars, wreaths, trinkets, spangles, drums, candy sticks and Santa Claus dolls are some of the embellishments available at the shop. “The Christmas trees are available from Rs 350 here,” he says.

“Star sales are brisk this year. We ordered 50 units of which only few are remaining. Unlike last year, the premium ones like tail stars and crafted stars have generated more demand. Also, the serials and Christmas trees have sold in good number. We are expecting the sales to continue till the end of this year,” another retailer added.

Bakeries in the neighbourhood have stocked up boxes of plum cake which is savoured during the season.
Several vendors state that the business has picked up as the festival is fast approaching.

While the marketplace is bustling with fancy items that adorn the tree, religious shrines are also equally preparing for the gathering.

Athuma Nesar Church in Pazhavanthangal is holding prayer services on 25 December followed by cultural show by children.

Similarly, New Life AG Church believers from the neighbourhood plan for a grandeur fest.

“There will be a meeting to read out the verses from Bible, enacting the purpose of why Jesus was born through a skit and the choir will render songs dedicated to the Lord. We cut a cake to celebrate the birth and discourses will happen,” said Pastor Antony.

Adambakkam resident Gopinathan is also all set and is awaiting for the festival. “One kind of celebration is having a crib and decorating homes. We believe in taking the message to our people and are planning to have a drama narrating the purpose of life.”

Bhavani Prabhakar