Authorities take up work to prevent people crossing railway track in Pallavaram

Chennai: Until recently, there was no wall adjoining the railway track at Pallavaram Railway Station. Now, the authorities are constructing one, thereby bringing relief to many.

According to Punitha, a resident of Bharathy Nagar Main Road, ‘It is a happy sight to see a compound wall being constructed. The work related to this, began recently. It was our long-pending demand.’

Kannan, a marketing executive in Pallavaram, said, ‘People rush to reach the station. In the absence of a compound, they cross the tracks. This puts them at risk. It would take just a few minutes more, if they use the Foot-Over-Bridge. Sadly, they don’t. We now hope that the construction work is completed at the earliest.’

“Many times, those who cross the tracks to reach the platforms, fail to notice the fast-approaching trains, resulting in mishaps,” noted Krishnan, an activist.

As for the commuters, they also seek more infrastructure facilities in-and-around the area. “The garbage strewn around the station, is not cleared properly,” said Vimala of Pammal.

She added, “On the other side, there is no proper lighting. Adequate toilet facilities too should be arranged.”
Thanikachalam, who runs a tea stall in the locality, had another concern.

“During peak hours, the Foot-Over Bridge is occupied by beggars. We find it difficult to reach the station,” he stated.

NT Bureau