Differently-abled seek ramp to access Marina, Corpn awaits Centre’s nod

Chennai:¬†Differently-abled people’s request for a permanent ramp to access the Marina seems to be delaying over the years.

The Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) had only put up a temporary ramp in the Marina for a day to mark International Day of Disabled Persons for the second year in a row. “The civic body has failed to keep up its promise to lay a semi-concrete ramp,” says Tamilnadu Association for the Rights of All types of Differently Abled and Caregivers (TARATDAC) general secretary S Nambu Rajan.

It is said that the project was to be completed by March this year. However, the construction proposal remains suspended and it is yet to get the clearance from the Ministry of Environment and Forests.

Unlike other places, the Marina and Elliots have a larger surface of sand spread across in order to reach the waves.

Unlike common people, differently-abled with wheelchairs find it difficult to access the beach. Further, the beach wheelchair, specially made to travel on sand is not affordable to all.

“We have submitted the proposal to the Union Government. As the beach comes under the Coastal Regulation Zone, we are yet to get the approval from the Ministry of Environment and Forests. Once we get through the clearance procedures, we would start the work,” said a higher official in GCC.

The differently-abled community are not satisfied with the excuses given by the GCC. “Our request is to provide the facility so that we can access the beach like all others. The Centre should clear the project as soon as possible,” says Nambu Rajan.

He further says that government should provide them similar facility at all public places.

(Article written by Afrin Fowmitha)

NT Bureau