Editorial: A no-ball

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan was embarrassed after he shared a fake video on Twitter on Friday.

The cricketer-turned-politician posted a 1.47 min video from his verified handle with the line, ”Indian police’s pogrom against Muslims in UP.” It turned out to be a six-year-old video shot in Bangladesh. He was called out and reprimanded by netizens.

The video had nothing to do with India. It was in Bangladesh in 2013. It is really sad to see head of a government spreading fake news. Many said that it was good for Imran Khan and his government to look after minorities in his own country rather than indulge in fake concern for minorities in neighborhood.

Pakistan tried a similar stunt when its representative in UN claimed Kashmir brutality by showing a picture of a brutalised girl from Palestine.

Interestingly, in the video shared by Imran Khan, which is deleted now, a policeman is seen holding a shield of Rapid Action Battalion (RAB), proving that it was an incident in Bangladesh.

The RAB is an elite anti-crime and anti-terrorism unit of the Bangladesh Police. Imran who now faces a strong backlash on social media for tweeting the fake video should have done basic fact-checking.

Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) spokesperson Raveesh Kumar also slammed Pakistan Prime Minister for peddling fake video on the internet.

NT Bureau