Review: ‘Pachai Vilakku’- Lights on

Still from movie ‘Pachai Vilaku’

Pachai Vilakku (Green Light) is a film on traffic policemen and road safety. It hails the traffic policemen and talks about the sacrifice they make.

Though it tends to be preachy, there is a romantic angle interlaced in the story. Theesha plays the lead lady. Sri Mahesh, Tara, Manobala, Imman Annachi and Nandakumar are the supporting cast. Kannada actress Roopika has been roped in for a prominent role. Shivashankar master has also choreographed a song besides playing a key character.

Besides directing the film, Maran also plays the lead role in it. Ashwin Kumar (Maran) is a professor and holds a doctorate in road safety. He also works as a part-time traffic warden in tandem with cop Vijay (Imman Annachi) to create road safety awareness. While regulating motorists on the road, he chances upon an engineering student Subashini (Dheesha) driving a two-wheeler without a helmet. Instead of fining her, Ashwin lets her go, giving her a strange punishment.

He gives her an imposition of writing traffic rules 100 times. Slowly, they fall in love. Meanwhile, Dheesha’s younger sister Vaishnavi (Tara) gets entangled with the porn mafia, who demand huge money as ransom for porn videos. Now, Ashwin steps in to help Dheesha’s family.

Whether he succeeds in his attempt forms the rest of the plot. The first half speaks about traffic rules and need to follow it. The latter part talks about misuse of mobile phones and how women are affected. Devendhiran’s music and Balaji’s cinematography are adequate. Though there are few glitches in the making, Maran should be appreciated for voicing for a cause.

NT Bureau