Palaniswami announces medals to 3,186 cops for ‘devotion to duty’

Chennai: The Tamilnadu Chief Minister’s Medals to police and other uniformed services were announced by Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami today.

According to an official release here, nearly 3,186 police and other uniformed services personnel have been recognised for their outstanding devotion to duty. The awards are being given to personnel of the police, fire and rescue services and prison services departments with a view to motivate them.

The Tamilnadu Chief Minister’s Medals are announced and awarded on the occasion of Pongal Day, every year. These medals along with scrolls will be presented to the recipients at District Headquarters at a special event soon, the release said.

The Chief Minister has ordered that 3,000 police personnel (men and women) in the rank of Grade-I Constables, Head Constables, Havildars and Special Sub-Inspectors of police be awarded the ”Tamilnadu Chief Minister’s Constabulary Medals”.

As many as 120 Fire and Rescue Services Personnel in the rank of Leading Firemen, Driver Mechanics and Firemen and 60 Prison Service Personnel in the rank of Grade-I Warders (men and women) and Grade-II Warder (women) are also being awarded the medals in recognition of their outstanding devotion to duty, the release said.

The monthly medal allowance of Rs 400 to the recipients of these medals will be sanctioned with effect from 1 February, irrespective of their ranks.

This year, the Chief Minister has ordered for the award of the ”Tamilnadu Chief Minister’s Medal for Excellence in Technical and Specialised Services” to six personnel, two each from the Police Radio Branch, Dog Squad and Police Photographers. The officers and personnel will receive a grant depending on their ranks.

NT Bureau