Karthi’s special celebrations

Actor Karthi, who portrayed a farmer in Kadaikutty Singam, has been rendering philanthropic activities through his Uzhavan Trust besides honouring those who develop innovative Ag-tech devices.

This year, he went to his wife Ranjani’s native Kilampadi village in Erode and celebrated Pongal with the people there.  Later, Karthi participated in an event in Goundampalayam in memory of Kalingarayan, who single-handedly dug the canal named after him across the River Bhavani 738 years ago, for the benefit of farmers.

Speaking at the event, the actor said, “The water from the canal was potable till 40 years ago but I hear it has become unusable now. The reason is that industrial wastes are being disposed of in this canal for a long while now. This is pathetic. The youth should come forward to do something about the present condition. They should go to all the nearby industries and insist that they clean the waste water before letting it into the canal. There’s no use in making huge money when health is gone. After all, health is wealth.”

NT Bureau