City-based director teaches movie aspirants for free

Arun Mo

Chennai: Entering world of cinema is a dream for every budding filmmakers. Film institutes are platform where such dreams can be tinkered with academic insight. However, the cost to study the art of movie-making often comes at a ‘cost’, especially for the underprivileged. To bridge this gap and the gap between lack of professionalism in cinema, Arun Mo, a Chennai-based film director has started a free Assistant Director Training Course (ADTC).

In a conversation with News Today, he speaks about a film movement that he started few years ago with his friends. ‘Thamizh Studio is a film movement based in Vadapalani where we use various mediums such as website, monthly magazine, YouTube channel and book shop entirely focused on cinema,’ explains Arun. ‘Through this movement, we conduct numerous workshops and free initiatives in a bid to help film aspirants leap into the industry.’

When asked what nudged him to start ADTC, he voices against the lack of professionalism that is laced across the industry. ‘Even when a masala movie is made, there should be a film language and professional approach needed to make it right,’ says Arun. ‘In our course, we teach aspirants how to get the basics of film-making right.’

Students taking part in a session held at Tamizh Studio

The initiatives undertaken by Thamizh Studio is free of cost. ‘Every week we organise film workshops and hold discussions on movies,’ says Arun. ‘We even serve participants with food.’ Arun explains how they filtered students for the training course. ‘We have WhatsApp group and Facebook page where in we announce all about our activities,’ he says. ‘For the ADTC, we held an exam to filter the students in which nearly 200 took part.’

Ever since starting the course, several from the film fraternity have appreciated it. When asked about things that needs to be changed in India’s film-making landscape, Arun reiterated about the need to make it more professional. ‘When it comes to mainstream cinema, I strongly feel that from film production to budgeting to allocating actors’ salary, everything needs to be organised properly,’ he says. ‘Just like how businessmen professionally run their business, so should filmmakers and there should also be transparency in the sector.’ For details, contact 98406 44916.

Mohammed Rayaan