Rs 18 lakh ‘stolen’ during violence at Chengalpet toll plaza

Chennai: A complaint has been filed with the police that Rs 18 lakh was stolen from the toll plaza at Panaur, Chengalpet, where violence took place on 26 January.

According to sources, it is alleged that Rs 18 lakh was stolen from 12 toll booths and the toll plaza office while the vandalism was taking place.

The violence took place after an argument broke out between a bus conductor and a toll plaza worker. The toll plaza staff demanded the bus crew to pay toll charges and the government bus driver sought to know why.

It is said another toll booth staff hit the bus crew and the passengers came in support of the driver and conductor and vandalised the plaza.

Traffic was held on the stretch for two hours. Window panels of the plaza, CCTV cameras and gadgets were broken. Police arrested four persons.

NT Bureau