“Smart Parking” at T Nagar

Chennai: In yet another feature added to the Pedestrian Plaza, T Nagar, a facility for comfortable parking, has been introduced by the civic body, recently. Visitors can book a space for parking of their two and four wheelers, through an app, sources said.

Speaking to News Today, an official with the Smart City project, said, “The app ‘GCC Smart Parking’ will be useful for shoppers in areas like Pedestrian Plaza.”

“They can book a parking space well before they reach the destination, and the app will display their allotted space, when they come nearby. Rates will be Rs 20 and Rs five per hour, for four and two-wheelers respectively, while the amount will be debited automatically from the app.”

Apart from Pedestrian Plaza, the new facility is also introduced at various locations in the city.

“This will facilitate the shoppers to park comfortably, without any hindrances. Also, the upcoming multi-level parking lot at the junction of Thanikachalam Road, will be included in this app, wherein hundreds of vehicles will be allotted space electronically,” he said.

When asked about support staffers at the spot, the official said, “Now that the system is introduced, we are providing intensive training to our people, for smooth operation of the facility.”

It is said that this will help in considerably reducing the traffic levels, which is a long-standing problem here. The move has come in for praise from shoppers too.

‘It’s a good initiative’, said Janardhanan, a visitor here, adding, ‘It will save us time and effort, by pre-booking a slot. Also, the authorities should provide adequate staff at the site, to prevent unauthorised parking in the allotted spaces’. The plaza is all set to be added with various other features in the coming months, it is informed.

“In addition to the existing colourful benches, few more will be set up. By March, the area will become fully functional, including the multi-level parking lot,” pointed out the official.

G Srinivasan