Sumeru ties with top chef to launch Baked Paratha Lasagne

Chennai: Innovation Foods Limited with its flagship Sumeru brand, touted as India’s leading food expert and frozen foods brand, is ready to serve comfort food with a twist.

Bringing the perfect balance between convenience, taste, pricing, nutrition and innovation is the Baked Paratha Lasagne, the creation of Manoj Padmanaban, the maverick chef and founder of this food brand Big Bandha.

According to a press release, Baked Paratha Lasagne is the perfect blend of desi comfort with an Italian twist. This different and innovative creation is made up of Shredded Paratha layered with rich chicken gravy topped with the gooey goodness of molten cheese.

The vegetarian option has vegetarian keema replacing the chicken. It is priced at Rs 149 for the vegetarian and Rs 175 for the non-vegetarian options. Manoj Padmanaban said, ‘It’s a comfort food with a twist. It goes well with your hunger. So if you’re looking to satisfy your food cravings with the best parotta and curry in town but you love your lasagne too, Big Bandha and Sumeru have you covered with our unique #bakedparathalasagne.’

NT Bureau