Welcome move

People from different walks of lives have welcomed the Tamilnadu government’s decision to cancel board exams for fifth and eighth classes. Remember when public exams were announced it saw opposition from various parties and organisations.

In a statement recently, School Education Minister KA Sengottaiyan said a GO was issued on 13 September, 2019 that board exams will be conducted for classes 5 and 8 from 2019-20.

Following representations from various quarters, the government in deference to their wishes, duly considered them and decided to do away with the board exams. He also said the existing old system of exams would be followed.

A few say that such exams create an unnecessary burden on children and parents, killing the joy of learning. The scores of the children, when publicly announced are not just seen as a reflection of the capabilities of the child, but are treated as a matter of prestige for the whole family. Children, even as young as 10, will understand that they are at the centre of this.

However the he main reason cited in support of public exams is that they would inculcate a sense of seriousness in students and as well as the teachers.

One official said it would ensure at least a minimum quality in learning. A few say that in such a case let class 5 exams be cancelled and have it for class 8 alone. However, the decision to cancel board exams for 5 and 8 classes have brought joy among parents.

NT Bureau