Chennai author Shobana Narayan pens 11 motivational books

Shobana Narayan

Chennai: Affected by the negative headlines in media, Shobana Narayan had an epiphany back in 2016 as she felt the urgent need to express the strong sense of toxicity that poured around her. And the medium she could use was writing. Today, Shobana, a resident of Valasaravakkam has written and published 11 books including two in English, under her pen name Meera Maya.

Interestingly, for the purpose of sharing her pearls of wisdom for the greater good, Shobana gives her books for free. Speaking to News Today, she says, ”There is so much hate these days and I felt that through writing stories, I could express my feelings and perspective to the people around me.”

All her books talk about the complex and multifaceted minds of human beings. She explains how each of her novels came about. Her first book, e-Thoughts, is on emotional thoughts of the human mind. ”We take many things for granted from others,” says Shobana.

”When love becomes conditional, it becomes pointless”. Thus, to share all such bubbling feelings in her clustered mind, Shobana penned her first book. Her other books also follow such themes exploring faith, mother-son relationship, women empowerment, fear, happiness, and many more. Through her books, Shobana aims to instill one’s mind with hope and motivation to help others.

Driven by the urge to share her words, Shobana is giving her books for free to many of her friends and schools. ”I am happy to lend my thoughts to people and I hope that when I share my books with someone, my words may impact their thoughts,” she says.

Throughout the conversation, Shobana kept quoting various proverbs she had written and the need for people to listen to one another. ”People are becoming selfish and are living only for themselves. But when we start listening to them, we can make this world a better place,” she says.

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