Baby undergoes liver transplant

Chennai, Feb 14: A one-year-old child, Adrika Das from Kolkata, who had Prothrombotic Disorder (Protein C Disorder) after birth suffered from necrosis. She had undergone treatment at Rela Institute and Medical Centre, Chennai for a liver transplant.

Due to shortage of funds her parents had to wait. So a campaign was created on the online platform and her medical case had drawn the attention of many donors and was able to raise Rs 33 lakh overnight. This not only covered the cost of surgery but also a follow-up surgery to remove part of her intestine.

The child’s father expressd gratitude to Milaap co-founder and president Anoj Viswanathan and Rela Institute & Medical Centre, chairman and managing director, Dr Mohammed Rela during a press conference here Thursday.

Another patient from Kanyakumari, a 8-year-old girl was diagnosed with intrahepatic cholestasis. Milaap helped cover the expenditure by raising Rs 30 lakh. ‘Tamilnadu is the only State where the government schemes cover the medical expenditure of patients. No other State has such benefits,’ said Dr Mohammed Rela.

On crowdfunding he said, ‘Affordability has always been a question for the patients in need of liver transplant. Through crowdfunding many are benefited.’

‘Crowdfunding has saved the lives of many young children with medical illness. Milaap had raised over Rs 400 crore in the last 10 years and supported over 100 medical causes of children. There are over 20 lakh donors across India of which 5 lakh have donated for second time,’ said Milaap co-founder and president Anoj Viswanathan.

NT Bureau