From Romeo-Juliet to Ram-Jaanu

It’s Valentine’s Day today. Lovers around the world celebrate the day by sharing their mutual love for one another. And coming to Cinema, there are n-number of movies that are wholly based on love from black and white to digital era. The time period may change but the feel remains constant till date.

Interestingly and incidentally, cinema has a special concern towards the alphabets ‘R’ and ‘J’ where many blockbuster love movies feature the names of the leading pair starting with R and J. Here’s a list of movies that use this R-J factor are listed below.

Romeo, Juliet from Romeo + Juliet (1996)

The first on the list is Romeo + Juliet starring Leonardo DiCaprio as Romeo and Claire Danes as Juliet and it is an adaptation of William Shakesphere’s successful novel Romeo Juliet.

The movie is about the two couple from two different family backgrounds and how the rivalry puts their life at stake. The Romantic-tradegy is considered as one of the epic movies of Hollywood.

Rose, Jack from Titanic (1997)

The blockbuster movie is said to be one of the finest movies that has ever made in the history. Apart from the grand film making, the movie is remembered by everyone for the great performance of Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack and Kate Winslet as Rose. The plot revolves around a couple from contrasting backgrounds who falls in love and the hardships they face during their journey. The James Cameron directorial upon its release received critical accalim and it still remains as one of the masterpiece of Hollywood.


Ram, Janani from 3 (2012)

The movie stars Dhanush and Shruthi Hassan in the lead roles. The song ‘Why This Kolaveri’ has kindled the curiosity among the audience before the release. The film is about Ram and Janani who are high school sweethearts who eventually get married. However, Janani is shocked when Ram commits suicide all of a sudden and she tries to find out the reason for his departure which give her shocking revelations about Ram. Although the movie had a negative climax, the movie was appreciated for the matured performance of the lead actors that made the movie a memorable one and it has attained a classic status over the years.

Regina, John from Raja Rani (2013)

‘There is life after love failure’ – that’s the tagline of the Atlee directorial. Upon its release the movie became a blockbuster and was received well by the family audience and lovers. Music was enjoyable and the BGM worked well for movie’s great reach.

The movie follows John and Regina who are forced into marriage against their wishes and lead a troubled life as they are unable to get over their past. But things take a positive turn when they learn about the tragedy in each other’s lives and the film ends on a happy note.


Raam, Jaanu from 96′ (2018)

The latest addition to the list is Vijay Sethupathi – Trisha starrer 96′ helmed by director Prem Kumar. The story is about K Ramachandran, a photographer by profession gets nostalgic after he visits his school in his hometown.

During a planned reunion with his classmates, he meets Janaki, his childhood sweetheart and the events that take place following it forms the plot of the story. Upon its release the movie became a Super-hit at the box-office.


The list cannot be fulfilled without certain movies including Poove Unakaga where hero’s name is Raja, Vinnaithandi Varuvaaya where the heroine’s name is Jessie and Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge where the hero’s name is Raj and Kuch Kuch Hota Hai where the hero’s name is Rahul are some of the best love movies of cinema.

Titus Jebakumar