Real and Reel Love

Chennai, Feb 14: Love scenes are part and parcle of films. Though they are only meant for entertainment, a question arises whether such scenes have negative influence on young minds. On Valentines’ Day, News Today spoke to a cross section of people. This is what they said:

Suresh Krishnaswamy
Short filmmaker

If you ask me whether romance in cinema is required, my immediate reply would be that it is not required though I would be branded as an old timer by many. But before I support my opinion let me bring out certain truths of our Tamil cinema. In earlier days like MKT and PUC, the romance in movies were poetic – one cannot forget the song Manmatha Leelai in which romance was shown with no vulgarity. After a few days, the Tamil cinema saw romance as entertainment and happiness and infact, the then hero like Gemini Ganesan was named as Kathal Mannan. The romance was shown in films for projecting lilting song sequels and no vulgarity was on screen. But today, thanks to the young artistes and daring filmmakers, the romance has thrown out an obscene competition amongst themselves with no bar or code on dress, dialogue and action. The cinema started as a mass media of communication has now become a mass media of entertainment. ”Maybe this might be the reason for such obscenity on screens.” The filmmakers should have a social responsibility as it is a proven fact that films though a fantasy is lapped up by many viewers as a reality.

Priya Ragavan
Communication consultant

Yes, very much. Present-day movies create a make-believe world projecting all is fair in love, including coercing to fall in love, stalking and harassment. Besides the undying need to fall in love, the storylines are utterly unrealistic. Thus when this generation youngsters try to mirror the reel life and build unrealistic expectations in their real love life, they turn relationships negative and unhealthy and bring in a bitter experience for a lifetime. I strongly believe that our country needs more filmmakers who can think of responsible storytelling when it comes to making romantic movies and beware of what they are exposing our impressionable minds to, rather than on contemplating what will break the box office.

H K Lakshman Rao
Retired professor

It is most unfortunate that the film media has been portraying love in a bad way carrying negative influence and unworthy messages among teenagers which has been damaging the minds. Greater responsibility and concerns are needed to handle the sensitive aspect of love and relationship particularly in the current context and environment. Valentine’s Day message must carry the right message of love.

A Kailash
IT employee

I believe that only with the over-portrayal of love in films many came to know what love is and we have seen numerous films over the years that have portrayed love in a very negative way. Cinema is a medium which has a big impact on society and I expect more meaningful films and decent portrayal of love atleast in the current decade.


NT Bureau