Review: “Nan Sirithal” – Laugh out loud

Hip Hop Adhi, who made his mark as music composer, is fast rising the ladder of establishing himself as an successful actor too. Nan Sirithal is his third outing as hero and unlike his earlier film, this provides him with a scope to bring out the actor in him. Inspired by a short film, Nan Sirithal is a fun-filled entertainer which has friendship, romance, action and some comedy.

In a nutshell, Naan Sirithal is about a youngster, who enjoys his life. But he has a rare disease – laughs at emotional moments. It lands him in trouble. How he overcomes it forms the crux. Written and directed by Raana and produced by Sundar C, the movie also features Iswarya Menon, KS Ravikumar, Ravi Mariya and Yogi Babu.

Gandhi (Adhi) is a do-gooder who hates violence. All goes well for Gandhi including his love life with Ankita (Iswarya Menon). But he suffers from  pseudobulbar affect which means he would burst out in laughter in emotional moments. It plays spoilsport in his life. He loses a lot and and gets in caught in battle between two deadly gangsters Dilli Babu (KS Ravikumar) and Sakkarai Das (Ravi Mariya).

Adhi has done it well. Romance and comedy comes good. And different styles of laugh by Adhi shows his thorough home work to get his act right. Iswarya Menon is cute and bubbly. KS Ravikumar and Ravi Mariya makes you laugh loud. Though Yogi Babu comes brief, his one-liners in the company of Adhi does tickle our funny bones.  Adhi has scored the music himself. Background score gels well with the story. Raana has tried to be faithful to his short film. But missed out on few places where comedy could have taken centre stage. Naan Sirithal is breezy entertainer that can engage you.

NT Bureau