Ramp walk conducted for dialysis patients

Chennai, Feb 21: TANKER Foundation conducted a ramp walk for dialysis patients as part of their 27th annual awards nite here recently.

According to a press release, the outfits for the patients were donated by Samastha and Fab India. TANKER Foundation trustee Revathy’s personal makeup artist helped in getting the 16 participants ready.

Uma Mageshwari was crowned as Ms TANKER and Regi, Lal Bahadur and Mahendran were crowned as Mr TANKER.

All contestants received prizes and special prizes were given to the winners. It was truly a wonderful and moving experience for the audience and the participants. The dialysis patients were overjoyed to have taken part and said that it made them feel so special and that it was a great feeling for them to be part of the ramp walk organised by Revathy and TANKER Foundation, the release said.

NT Bureau