1.3 billion Indians wholeheartedly welcomed critical judicial verdicts : PM

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that 1.3 billion Indians have disregarded apprehensions and wholeheartedly accepted recent critical judicial verdicts which were subjects of global discussion.

Speaking at the inaugural function of the International Judicial Conference 2020 “Judiciary and the Changing World” at the Supreme Court, Modi spoke about recent crucial judgements, including the Ayodhya case.

The Prime Minister said,”No country or society in the world can claim to achieve holistic development without gender justice and referred to laws on transgenders, triple talaq and on the rights of Divyang.

He said the government has also taken steps to give rights to women in military service and in providing paid maternity leave for 26 weeks.He also hailed the Indian judiciary for redefining environmental jurisprudence to strike a balance between development and ecological protection.

“In recent times, there have been some critical judicial judgements and decisions which have been the subject of global discussion. Before these judgements were delivered, several apprehensions were being expressed about the consequences. But look what happened! 1.3 billion Indians wholeheartedly accepted the judicial verdicts,” Modi said.

He said,”It is going to be a decade of remarkable changes across the world which will impact all frontiers, be it society, economy, or technology, and these changes need to be rational as well as just and fair”.

Talking about the contribution of Mahatma Gandhi, the Prime Minister said, “Gandhiji’s life was dedicated to the cause of truth and service, which are the foundational tenets for any system of justice and as you all know, he was himself a barrister and belonged to the fraternity of lawyers”.

He also referred to the Centre’s endeavour in repealing 1,500 archaic laws and said, “Speed has been demonstrated not only in doing away with irrelevant laws but also in enacting new legislations aimed at strengthening the social fabric”.

The Indian Constitution guarantees gender justice under the provisions of the right to equality, Modi said, adding that India is among few nations which has ensured the right to vote for women since independence.

He also referred to his government’s flagship programme ”Beti Bachao Beti Padhao” to stress the steps taken by it to empower women.

“According to a report which appeared just 3-4 days ago, today India is the fifth largest economy of the world against its 11th position 5-6 years ago.

On the use of technology, the Prime Minister said the government is working towards connecting every court to the e-courts system and establishment of national judicial data could result in simplification of court processes.

Speaking at the occasion, Chief Justice of India S A Bobde referred to advancement of technology, ,”The world has become smaller and the decisions no longer affect only those who live in our jurisdiction but also those who live far outside”.