Dr Rela Institute and Medical Centre launches support group for cardiac patients

Director-cum-actor Cheran and RIMC chairman and managing director, Prof Mohamed Rela among others during the launch of ‘Cardiac Support Group – Rela Heart Beats’ in Chennai recently.

Chennai:Health must be taken care by every individual in order to live a prosperous life. Without being physically and mentally fit and using mobile phones often, will introduce us to many diseases, said director-cum-actor Cheran.

Inaugurating ‘Cardiac Support Group – Rela Heart Beats’ of Dr Rela Institute & Medical Centre (RIMC) here recently, he said, ‘I myself don’t call my parents often and left them alone in village. This is not how we are supposed to take care of them. Rela Institute has introduced a new way to interact with people who have suffered with heart related diseases and I welcome this idea.’

An initiative by the patients and for the patients, Rela Heart Beats Support Group is as varied as the people in them. It’s primarily a community of all the brave heroes who have emerged out of the heart related health difficulties and are now happy to lead a normal life and enjoy their health, family, work and other things.

RIMC senior consultant and clinical lead in the Department of Cardiac Sciences, Dr Balamurali Srinivasan said, ‘This is an initiative to support the patients to come out of their nightmare and indulge in deeper and ecstatic conversation with other people of their age or of the same mind sets’.

He further said, ‘It is a magnificent opportunity to join in this support group for people who underwent cardiac treatments at various hospitals and will be provided with a membership in the group. It will start with an indoor activity.’

Anantha Krishnan, a cardiac patient, who had undergone a surgery in Rela Hospitals said, ‘The support group will be very useful to understand and share each others experience.’

RIMC chairman and managing director, Prof Mohamed Rela said, ‘This will be an enduring programme and people will benefit from this. Cardiac arrest is common these days and to relieve from that is a huge process. Staying fit and healthy and avoiding excess eating can save our body from storing fat and helps to generate energy.

NT Bureau