CHRI calls on Centre, Delhi govt to take measures to curb violence

New Delhi:The Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) has called on both the Centre and the Delhi government to take necessary measures to contain violence in parts of northeast Delhi.

It urged them to fix responsibility for police inaction and failure of both the civil and political administration.Twenty-one people have been killed and hundreds injured in communal clashes in northeast Delhi over the last three days.

Calling on both central and Delhi governments to take all necessary measures to prevent further violence and disruption while fixing responsibility for police inaction and the failure of the civil and political administration, the Commonwealth Human Rights Initiative (CHRI) said,”there was a need for a focused review to find ways of preventing escalation”, a statement said.

The CHRI also urged the government to identify tense and vulnerable areas, and deploy security personnel to prevent further violence and protect all communities.

“There is ample evidence through video footage to register cases and identify perpetrators and take firm action against propagandists of hate speech and violence as well as emerging evidence of police brutality during the violence which grew out of confrontation over the contentious Citizenship (Amendment) Act,” the statement added.