People fear of being hit by vehicles on Madha Church Road, Mylapore

The intersection of Madha Church Road and Santhome High Road need signal to regulate vehicles

Chennai, Feb 27: Santhome High Road is one of the important roads in the city that sees heavy traffic everyday. At peak hours, traffic congestion is a constant affair here.

At the intersection of Madha Church Road and Demonte Road, however traffic hassles are irking motorists and they demand traffic regulation at this particular section.

Speaking about this, Sukumar, a motorist says, ”Madha Church Road is one of the important stretches that connects Mandaveli and while many use it everyday, there needs to be a signal at the intersection where Madha Church Road meets Santhome High Road. Without signals in place, it causes inconvenience regularly and is prone to accidents”.

”Every morning with heavy traffic flow, as there is neither a traffic police nor a signal in place, there is not a regulation and miscommunication between the motorists in passing through the junction causes traffic congestion, there should at least be a traffic police regularly to regulate the traffic,” he adds.

Residents living in the locality also point out that there needs to be speed breakers at this junction and also steps need to be taken to avoid parking of vehicles on the sides. ”Madha Church Road has lot of vehicles parked on either sides of the stretch and many school students, old people and other people especially during peak morning and evening time are forced to walk on the narrow centre part which make them prone to being hit by speeding vehicles. Steps must be taken to levy fine for those parking at this stretch and also speed breakers are a must as it could atleast help us walk without the fear of being hit by speeding vehicles,”says Manimaran, a resident of the locality.

NT Bureau