Focusing on dynamic response that is below threshold of all-out war: Army chief

New Delhi: “Apart from strengthening its conventional prowess, India is focusing on a dynamic response along its western and northern borders that is below the threshold of an all-out war,” Army chief Gen M M Naravane said today at a seminar .

Speaking on land warfare here, the Army chief said,”The airstrikes on Balakot demonstrated that if one is skilful, escalation does not always lead to war”.

India’s northern border is aligned with China and the western border with Pakistan.

The army chief pointed out that Chinese dominance in the South China Sea showed small incremental steps achieved the aim without firing a single shot or inviting retaliatory action.

He also said, “The rise of non-state actors such as terrorists demands that victory in war is formulated in a nuanced manner.

“ISIS was far more adept in using social media for devastating effects as compared to the 21st century armies of the US and the UK,” Naravane added.