From warrior woman to social entrepreneur

Sunanda Suraj empowers underprivileged girls

Chennai, Mar 7:  Twenty seven years of experience, training, integrity and dedicated service in the department of Tamilnadu Police, has groomed Sunanda Suraj into a successful woman warrior.

A mother, a daughter, a mentor and a role model to look up to, both on and off duty, Sunanda, a resident of K K Nagar, knew that she had a duty beyond the law enforcement agency – her commitment to her family and contribution to the underprivileged in society.

On the eve of International Women’s Day, News Today features about this successful woman.

Having voluntarily retired as an Inspector of Tamilnadu Police Academy, Chennai, she pursued her passion for establishing an ethnic and fashion jewellery boutique.

A full-time successful social entrepreneur today, Sunanda empowers the under-privileged girls and women by engaging them to work part-time in her boutique, while doing their college degrees. She also ensures these girls gain knowledge in fashion by training them in Mehendi designing, bridal saree draping including traditional ‘madisars’ and bridal make up.

There have been occasions when she has sponsored bridal jewellery for the girls to look their best and beautiful on their wedding day.

Speaking on her inspiring journey, she says, ”Life till date has always been a learning for me. As a police personnel, I had to embrace the warrior-like mindset by becoming more strong, both mentally and physically. I had to build upon my endurance and confidence levels and I was blessed to have senior officers who guided, motivated and encouraged me at every step. Of course, I can never forget the huge role and support that my family gave because of which I was to able to perform well in my profession. The same people supported me when I decided to call it a day after a long stint at work and pursue my passion.”

”’The clarity, conviction and confidence that I gained then are what helped me take that big decision in life to make my passion, my profession and contribute to the society, especially the under-privileged women. If I have come this far, many young girls out there too can. All they need is to have the right measures of grit, determination and perseverance, laced with a positive attitude in life.” she says.

NT Bureau