Anitha learns swimming, trains homemakers

Chennai: Age is just a number when it comes to exploring, experiencing, and learning things, people say. Anitha, a resident of Porur, is the best example of this.

At a time when parents are interested in indulging their children in extra-curricular activities, Anitha has gone one step forward and dedicated herself to learning swimming along with her daughter.

Today, Anitha is an eminent swimming trainer and encourages several homemakers and senior citizens that it’s ‘now or never.’

In an interview with News Today, Anitha speaks about her journey and calls all the other women out to spend some time on self-care. ‘Three years back, I enrolled my daughter in a swimming class. She learned in and participated in several tournaments.

She won several accolades, and now she is an international swimmer. Seeing her success, I was inspired and started learning swimming. In few days, I started loving it and wanted to learn more,’ Anitha says.

She further says, ‘Over months, seeing my daughter’s achievements, I joined the class, learned it and excelled in it. Today, I am a proud women’s special swimming trainer.’

Talking about her decision to target housewives, the trainer says, ‘For anyone, to stay fit and healthy, exercise is essential.

In that way, many homemakers don’t spend much time on thyself. I learned this and targeted majorly, the housewives. I decided to become a trainer and teach all the housewives the skill and make them stay fit.’

Besides, Anitha also spoke about the effects of swimming. ‘It is a myth that only office-goers handle stress and pressure. In reality, homemakers face an equal amount of stress. But it goes unnoticed. So, practicing swimming is a good stress buster for them. It helps them relax and helps them healthily lose weight.

Once they start learning it, they can visibly observe both the physical and mental changes. Not only swimming but people, especially women, should indulge themselves in any form of exercise,’ says the enthusiast.

The most common problems that are faced by women like irregular periods, postpartum depression, and more can be effectively cured by practicing swimming, according to Anitha. At present, Anitha teaches to several housewives, and she also offers to conduct free training sessions to the senior citizens to motivate them.

P T Usha