Covid-19: Prince of Arcot hails Modi’s speech

Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali

Chennai, Mar 20: Prince of Arcot, Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali has hailed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s speech on Thursday to fight coronavirus, where he asked the entire country to observe ‘Janta curfew’ on Sunday.

In his letter addressed to Modi, and a copy of which was released to the media, the Prince of Arcot said, ‘Your address to the nation on coronavirus alert and your constructive and meaningful advise to 130 crore fellow citizens, was practical and superb in every aspect. We evinced keen interest in every word of your address’.

‘Your deep concern for the health of the people of our great secular country, India, irrespective of caste, creed or religion have endeared and engraved in their hearts for ever.’

‘My prayers go forth with this for your health, happiness and long life. May you lead the destiny of the nation, as our beloved Prime Minister for many, many years to come,’ the Prince of Arcot said.

NT Bureau