Don’t come out of house, Health Minister to self-quarantined persons

Chennai: Tamilnadu Health Minister C Vijayabaskar today urged self-quarantined persons and their family members to not come out of their residences.Tens of hundreds, especially those with travel history, have been quarantined across the State.

Speaking to the media at a late night press conference, Vijayabaskar said, “self-quarantined people are strictly advised to not come out, failing which action would be taken against them.”

He welcomed the 21-day nationwide lockdown imposed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said such a measure is essential to curb the spread of Coronavirus.

According to the Minister, the Tamil Nadu government has taken all steps to stop the spread of Covid 19. He added it is now up to the people to stay safe. He also said all 18 patients hit by Coronavirus in Tamil Nadu are stable.

After three cases in the morning, an equal number reported positive tonight, which meant that an high of six cases were reported on a single day in the state.

Vijaybaskar tweeted the patients were two men and a women with travelling history.All the three patients were isolated and under treatment, he added.

”3 new cases for #covid19 in Chennai. 65Y M return from New Zealand at Pvt.Hosp, 55Y F Saidapet at #KMC. 25Y M return from London at #RGGH.Patients are in isolation & under treatment”, he said.

Earlier in the day, three people with travel history tested positive,taking the number of coronavirus cases in Tamil Nadu to 15. Adding to the three more, it goes up to 18.

NT Bureau