Tamilnadu reports first coronavirus death

Chennai: Amid intensive efforts to combat the spread of coronavirus and Prime Minister Narendra Modi announcing a 21-day nation-wide curfew to maintain social distancing, Tamilnadu reported the first death early this morning.

Health Minister Dr C Vijaybaskar in a tweet confirmed the death at Government Rajajai Hospital in Madurai early this morning as he failed to respond to the best of treatment due to the virus.

The Minister said the patient died as he had a medical history of prolonged illness with steroid dependent Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), uncontrolled diabetes with hypertension.

”Having known the impact of virus infection, that COVID-19 with co-moridity like uncontrollable diabetes
and hypertension, immunosuppressions were high risk conditions, and advised the people to be extra cautious.

”I’ve been telling that covid19 with comorbidity like uncontrollable diabetes & hypertension, immunosuppression are high risk conditions. If anyone in ur family has such conditions be extra cautious, pls”, he said.

”Despite our best efforts, the #COVID19 +ve Pt at MDU, #Rajaji Hospital, passed away a few minutes back. He
had medical history of prolonged illness with steroid dependent COPD, uncontrolled diabetes with Hypertension”, he added in the tweet.

Earlier, Dr Vijaybaskar said ”the covid19 +ve Pt at MDU,Rajaji Hosp is not responding well to treatment
since last evening & is deteriorating now”. He has a medical history of prolonged illness with steroid dependent COPD, uncontrolled diabetes with hypertension. Our team is striving hard to stabilise”, he added.

On the 21-day Natioan-wide curfew to prevent spread of the pandemic virus, he siad ”Lockdown:this is for you
& me, to revive our nation back to normal.””To bring back normalcy of life, while many are sick and hospitalised we are privileged to be at our homes. This is an opportunity to rejuvenate ourselves. Read, Eat Healthy, Exercise.Stay home, Be safe”, he said.

On the present status of COVID patients in the State, he said a total of 2,09,163 patients were screened and
15,298 of them were under follow-up. He said ”Beds in Isolation wards- 9154, Current admissions- 116, Samples Tested-743 (Negative-608, Positive- 15 (1 discharged),Under Process- 120).

NT Bureau