Covid-19: Convene all-party meet immediately, says Stalin

Chennai: DMK president M K Stalin today said the AIADMK government must immediately convene an all-party meeting, at least through videoconferencing, and involve all parties in taking steps for preventing further spread of coronavirus.

In a statement, he said the number of Covid-19 positive cases are increasing with every passing day. Despite the government assuring people that lockdown would not affect supply of essential commodities, people were unable to get them, he added.

The leader of Opposition said confidence among the public could be built only if the ruling party and the Opposition worked together.

“If there is a problem in holding an all party meeting because of the lockdown, it could be done through video-conferencing to get a clear idea about the situation across the State,” he said.

Stating that more and more people were affected by the disease and there was a problem in getting essential commodities because of the lockdown, he added: “Misinformation about the disease also caused tension and panic among the people. People are afraid as they are leading a life without regular income.”


NT Bureau