PhonePe’s #100CroresPledge challenge goes viral

Chennai: As Indians get used to a home lockdown to combat Covid-19, PhonePe has launched a #100CrorePledge, urging 10 crore Indian citizens to donate to the PMCARES Fund to show their solidarity in fighting the menace of Covid-19.

PhonePe has pledged to contribute Rs 10 for every Indian who donates even Re 1 to the PMCARES Fund via the PhonePe App using UPI by 30 April, 2020. In total,PhonePe has pledged to contribute a maximum of up to Rs 100 crore.

Speaking about this initiative, Sameer Nigam, founder and CEO, PhonePe said, “The #100CrorePledge is an attempt to lift the mood of the country in this period of crisis. We are asking every Indian to unite together and donate, even if it’s just Re 1, to the PMCARES Fund. Our mission is to get 10 crore people to donate to this cause and create a world record for the highest ever number of donors for a cause in history.”

All donations can be made only through the UPI payment method, and funds will be directly transferred from the donor’s bank account to the PMCARES Fund’s bank account.


NT Bureau