A selfie on Chennai Corpn app can get you help

Chennai: The Greater Chennai Corporation (GCC) has launched an app which will help in real time monitoring of those who are home quaratined due to Covid-19.

The GCC Corona monitoring app can be easily downloaded from the city Corporation’s website.
Corporation Commissioner, G Prakash said that a person who has symptoms of the virus can send a selfie from home.

‘The photo would land on our server, through which we get the address, location and details of the patients and immediately send health officials to the place.’

The app which is being widely downloaded is currently monitoring the health situation of 24,000 quarantined patients. The app will also give updates if the quarantined persons are following social distancing.

It also has geographical mapping facility, through which officials get notified of usual clusters of people and also if a neighborhood has too many persons reporting fever.

It may be noted that in 16 district in the State, 6,88,815 persons from 1,82,815 families are under surveillance of the Health and Welfare department.

NT Bureau