Coronavirus: Is Tamilnadu now in stage 2 or stage 3?

Chennai: With the fresh surge in coronavirus cases sending shock waves among the people of Tamilnadu, Health Secretary Beela Rajesh has said the State is still in stage 2 only.

Three out of 376 persons, who were admitted to hospitals for severe acute respiratory infection (SARI), have tested positive for coronavirus disease (COVID-19) in Tamilnadu. This shows that the State is still in Stage 2 of COVID-19 transmission, she said.

“With more number of positive cases being reported, we lifted samples (throat and nasal swabs and blood) from 376 persons who had SARI and tested them simultaneously. Only three of them, who had contact with COVID-19 patients, tested positive. What this shows is that we are still in Stage 2 and community spread of COVID-19 has not yet happened,” she added.

Tamilnadu a saw a quantum increase in fresh coronavirus cases as 102 people tested positive on a single day Thursday, taking the total number of COVID
cases to 411. This was disclosed by Health Minister Dr C Vijayabaskar in his Twitter post.

A majority of the cases were linked to Tablighi Jamaat congregation in Delhi, which was seen as the epicentre. Tamilnadu’s corona cases were the highest in the country ahead of Maharashtra and Kerala.

NT Bureau