Editorial: Loud & clear

The Central and State governments are repeatedly requesting people to stay indoors to fight corona outbreak. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has urged sports personalities to help spread the message. He had a video interaction with popular sportspersons across the country Friday.

Stay indoors and maintain immunity. Remember social distancing is the new unity and most importantly, fighting coronavirus is our national duty. This message is now being taken to masses by their favourite sports personalities.

Former Indian athlete P T Usha said, “The PM was seeking our help and support to go public to spread the awareness of the need of following the guidelines that has been issued to curb the spread of it. All of us did say that they are already doing it and he said that it should continue. All agreed to it”.

Lets remember that it’s on us to maintain isolation, respect their orders and stay safe and healthy. Remember if we are together and responsible, we can fight this.


NT Bureau