TANGEDCO gears up for Modi’s “lights off” call

Chennai:  Gearing up for the ‘light ceremony’ announced by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, TANGEDCO has instructed all the Executive Engineers to be on duty Sunday night. Sources said the instruction was given to ensure uninterrupted power supply.

“Since people will switch on the lights at the same time, there will be sudden and more consumption of power during the period. The engineers have been instructed to keep transformers and switches ready to handle the additional load,” sources added.

Sources further said approximately 1,000 megawatt power will be saved in the State during the nine minutes break.

TANGEDCO has also asked people to only switch off the lights and added that other electrical equipment such as fridge, TV and fan can be operational.

Modi on Friday urged people to switch off the lights at their homes and light up lamps, candles or mobile phone torches for nine minutes at 9 pm on 5 April to display the country’s “collective resolve” to defeat coronavirus.

In a video message of over 11 minutes, Modi also asked people to maintain the “Lakshman rekha” of social distancing by staying indoors and not getting together in groups during the exercise.

NT Bureau