10 Malaysians conceal attending Delhi meet, attempt to fly to KL

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Chennai: At a time when the coronavirus cases were on the rise in the country, including Tamilnadu, 10 of the 127 Malaysian Nationals, who attempted to board a Special flight to Kuala Lumpur, were detained at the airport on Sunday for concealing their participation in the Nizamuddin Markaz meet in Delhi.

Sources said the 127 passengers, who were stranded in Tamilnadu due to the coronavirus lockdown, were about to board a special Baltik Airlines flight scheduled to leave at 10.40 am, when it was found that 10 of them, during customs and immigration checks, had participated in the Tablighi Jamaat conference in Delhi last month.

The 10 passengers, who had come from Malaysia on tourist visa, had attended the Delhi meet and later flew to Thiruvananthapuram from where they reached Tenkasi by road.

They concealed their participation in the Delhi meet and came to Chennai with the help of Malaysian Consulate and attempted to fly back home without subjecting them to medical tests or self isolation.

As the immigration authorities found their participation in the Delhi meet, they cancelled their journey and the flight took off with the remaining 117 passengers for Kuala Lumpur.

The 10 Nizamuddin Markaz attendees were handed over the Central Crime Branch Police and the Health and Family Welfare department was also alerted.Tension prevailed for a while at the International airport following
the incident.


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