Banks don’t make calls to customers over EMI: Police

Chennai: Even as crimes rates in the city are at all time low after the enforcement of Section 144 in order to contain the spread of Coronavirus, police say fraudsters are using the opportunity to carry out bank frauds.

As a warning to stay safe, the Cyber Crime Cell has issued an alert to the public. The notice reads, “You may receive a call asking for OTP to postpone your EMI. Fraudsters are waiting to siphon off all your money. Your bank will never ask for OTP, Pin, CVV or your net banking passwords.”

Officials of Cyber Crime Cell in the city said so far no cases have been registered. But, the alert was issued after the police got information that such fraudsters were on the prowl trying to cheat unsuspecting persons.

A police source said, “Some persons have called people asking for banking details saying the government was dispensing funds as part of coronavirus relief. Public should know neither the government nor the banks will call and ask for banking details or personal pin numbers.”

He said that the miscreants told callers that the government wanted to transfer funds through banks to avoid crowding. The fact is, the government is only giving relief fund through ration shops. The fraudsters ask for OTP or PIN numbers or send a QR code for scan.

The official said that people should be informed that banks do not call customers unless they initiate and establish contact.


NT Bureau