KP relives his switch hit days

London: Former England batsman Kevin Pietersen relived his days of switch hits and tagged New Zealand all-rounder Scott Styris in a social media post with a video clip of one the games where he is seen executing the unorthodox shot to perfection.

Pietersen shared a tweet by the official Twitter handle of English Cricket. In the video, Pietersen can be seen playing his famous switch hit in a game against the Black Caps, with Styris at the recieving end.

Pietersen captioned his tweet, ”Smacking pies!”

The switch hit was made popular by Pietersen who is regarded as one of England’s all-time best batters.

Recently, with the coronavirus outbreak bringing the world to a standstill, Pietersen warned people across the globe to sit up and take note that they do not own the world and should respect nature.

In a video posted on Twitter, Pietersen said: Resilience is the power to recover quickly in difficulties, we as humans are part of a natural resilient world, micro and macro organisms in nature have countless inter-relationships that keep our planet healthy and our modern world functional. We aren’t voids of nature, we are citizens of the normal world, humanity is being reminded more than ever now that we do not own this planet.

The lessons and solutions rest in nature, ultimately it is the understanding of the natural world and nature that offers us the solutions we seek. As we seek solutions in the terms of crisis, let us not put nature in crisis, but it gives me hope that we as humans are caring.

The pandemic has led to sporting events across the globe either getting suspended or cancelled and the fate of the 13th edition of the IPL hangs in balance. But Pietersen believes that the cash-rich league should happen.

Pietersen also went on to add that having the fans watch from home is a solution.