Corona in Tamilnadu: Stage 2 or Stage 3?

Chennai: With Tamilnadu’s tally of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) cases surging to 911, with the 77 fresh cases, many fear that the State has reached Stage 3, an alarming level.

But, Chief Secretary K Shanmugam maintains that Tamilnadu is still in Stage 2. Going by the present statistics, the coronavirus was only in Stage-2 in Tamilnadu and that it has not progressed to Stage-3 (Community transmission), he said, adding, a total of 44 persons were discharges after treatment.

“Only if the corona source of any positive tested patient cannot be traced, it can be deemed as progressed to Stage-3…at present it is in Stage-2 only in the State,” Shanmugam said, adding, the government was taking all steps to prevent it from progressing to Stage-3.

Tamilnadu is now second on India’s Covid-19 chart behind Maharashtra, where it inched towards the 1,400 mark.
“Our main aim is to control the spread of Covid-19. Measures such as the lockdown are to achieve this. We are taking intensive measures to ensure that new Covid positive cases do not occur outside quarantine or containment zones,” he said.


NT Bureau