Lockdown till May 3, Modi seeks people’s cooperation

New Delhi: Announcing the extension of nationwide lockdown till May 3, Prime Minister Narendra Modi today sought the cooperation of people in the nation’s fight against coronavirus.

He said the lockdown, which is set to end today, will be extended for 18 more days. He urged people in ‘hotspot’ regions to stay safe and sought their cooperation to eradicate Covid-19.

said, ‘India did not wait for the problem to escalate, rather, as soon as the problem appeared, we tried to stop it by taking swift decisions.’

Addressing the nation, he added: ‘I can’t imagine what the situation would have been if such quick decisions were not taken.’

He added: ‘Even before Covid-19 cases touched 100, India made it compulsory for foreign returnees to remain in 14 days isolation. We imposed 21-day lockdown when we had 550 cases.’

NT Bureau