Dupattas, handkerchief can double up as face masks: Health Dept

File photo of  Beela Rajesh

Chennai: The Department of Health and Family Welfare, government of Tamilnadu has said that those stepping out of the house can use dupattas, towels and handkerchiefs as facemasks.

The announcement was made by Health Secretary Beela Rajesh. The move could be done to avoid people stepping out to buy masks and to address shortage of masks.

Recently, the Government enforced a rule in the State that people, including motorists should not step out without masks.

Meanwhile, many argued that the face mask is designed to catch large contaminants and pollutant particles, including ones that might carry coronavirus. They are very effective than a cloth wrapped around the face.

As of now, there is a high surge in demand for masks. The government is making use of prison inmates to make masks from Prisons.

These are given on priority basis to those running essential services such as policemen and hospital staff.

In the market, there are two kinds of masks available- the surgical masks and N95 masks, which are used in hospitals.


NT Bureau