TN: 68,519 complete treatment, 38,139 under quarantine, 19,255 samples tested

Chennai: News Today presents you some important and interesting numbers in connection with Tamilnadu’s coronavirus fight, gathered from official sources.

As many as 38,139 people are under home quarantine, 135 in the government quarantine centres and 68,519 patients have completed the 28 days treatment.

Of the 19,255 samples tested so far, 1,204 have tested positive, which was a mere 6.25 per cent. On Tuesday alone more than 6,500 samples were tested and only 31 tested positive.

Number of COVID-19 suspected individuals in isolation ward admission was 1,870 till date. Of the 69 people with Severe Acute Respiratory Infection (SARI) tested on Tuesday, none of them tested positive.

NT Bureau