5Ps for economic revival in India

Vijay Kumar Jayaram

Chennai: At a time when there is fear and uncertainty over the future of Indian economic recovery which has taken a beating badly due to coronavirus outbreak and a nation-wide lockdown, professor and management expert Vijay Kumar Jayaram says, “India will emerge out of the mega crisis in five months”.

Speaking to News Today, Vijaykumar Jayaram, says, “systematic study reveals that path to recovery is not difficult as we inherit India 5Ps which will salvage us from any difficult condition”.

Asked to elaborate on the Ps, he says, “Principles in practice of a ubiquitous philosophy in our leaders to view humans as the greatest resource much more than all instrumental values”.

“Patience in persisting and pushing out best efforts in production and innovative value additions, trying out all means only to emerge out as a world leader is our core strength,” adds Vijaykumar.

“Perceptual strengths of our think-tanks in grasping situations which carry risk, uncertainty and complexity, thereby possessing the ability to make decisions with zero or least errors, people who come from diverse economic and social backgrounds, who argue but unite when a common need or challenge arises would help a lot in fighting economic crisis”.

“Prayers free ourselves from stress, help build a cohesive power that links the collective consciousness of people with the innate natural intelligence of this universe”, he states.

He says, “these 5Ps compliment other’s concepts, facts and practices. And when one contemplates deeply into our ancient and contemporary history, these 5P’s have been integrating us as a continental civilisation for centuries”.