Creative cooking tips from celebrities

Chennai: Being confined to our homes for weeks, it’s natural to feel the occasional
pang of desolation or boredom.

However, there’s no denying that it’s also an opportunity for us to focus on activities we would not have given importance to otherwise such as spending time with family, exploring hobbies, interests, new means of recreation and entertainment and focussing on physical and mental health, as the pandemic unfolds, subsides, and dies out.

To inspire users to get creative in the kitchen to beat the lockdown blues, a challenge called TikTokChef has been launched to encourage people to explore their inner chef by getting innovative and sharing mouth watering recipes, while practicing the safe measure of staying at home.

It’s a part of GharBaithoIndia campaign – a joint effort with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

The initiative aims at encouraging everyone to stay at home and share ideas on how to stay safe and beat the lockdown blues.

Celebrity chefs such as  Sanjeev Kapoor,  Kunal Kapur,  Ranveer Brar,  Saransh Goila, Vicky Ratnani,  Meghna and  Madhura Bachal will be going
live, to share their easy to cook recipes/some tips and hacks for cooking.